Welcome to Hotel Molika

Hotel Molika represents the pearl of Pelister. One of the rare places where you can become one with the untouched nature, rest from the daily life and enjoy the impeccable service of the hotel’s personnel.
Hotel Molika is open for guests throughout the year, breaking the ,,classic” season boundaries.

Within hotel Molika, there is also the ski center Kopanki, which has one double chair lift – “Begova cesma” and one ski lift “Kopanki”.

The length of the ski lifts is 1326 meters with a capacity of 1133 skiers per hour. The two ski tracks are medium weight and their length is 1341 meters with an area of 53640 m2

The location of the hotel in the northeastern part of the National Park provides a view of the Pelagonija basin, the city of Bitola and the breathtaking area. This part of the park is one of the most interesting and exciting sites specific for the richness of rare species of flora and fauna.

The connection between wood and marble, realization of the designer’s project, provides every visitor of the hotel to fell the warm and the soul of an object in all his parts.

The hotel has 54 rooms (one, two and three bedrooms) and 3 apartments, separated on 4 levels with a view on the horizon on the east side and with a view on the mountain on the southwest side, where during all day they are lightened with the mild mountain sun in all weather seasons.

All rooms are equipped with phones, TV with satellite program, mini-bar, toilets and central heating. Many rooms have comfort terraces (balconies), where staying means a real challenge for catching a wonderful view. The capacity of the Hotel of 112 beds divided into one, two and three bedrooms is fulfilled with 30 other beds and three sitting places, that give an impression of home ambient.

Representative areas, apartments, are placed in the second and forth level of the facility, with a view on the autochthonous Molica forest. Settling in the hotel rooms is provided with modern elevator and hotel stairs placed in circles connected with every level of the hotel.

Hotel Molika has a restaurant with summer garden with capacity of 200 seats (where 160 seats are from the restaurant and the rest 40 from the terrace).

In the restaurant there is a well equipped professional kitchen, ready to fulfill technically and educationally the wishes and the needs of the guests. It offers the possibility to enjoy the first-class preparations for the food lovers of all kinds of specialties from national and international kitchen.

In its work the hotel is adapting and completely implementing the marketing concept, searching the trade market in the country and abroad; the other Balkan countries market and bring closer their services, especially that of the restaurant to the world standards and ways expected by the modern tourists today.

Banquet-hall is placed at the ground floor of the hotel “Molika”. It is characterized with specific inside of massive wood and engraving. With the capacity of 16 seats, the banquet – hall is an ideal place for private festive lunches.

Following actively all the happenings, it has to be stressed that for Hotel Molika there are no seasons in its working. On the contrary, at every period of the year and every season, the National park “Pelister” is exciting and wonderful.
Therefore the hotel “Molika” is adapted to all kinds of tourism as it is usually in the modern world.
Beneath the health tourism, the congress tourism has a big contribution so that many organizations, associations, companies, gatherings and similar meetings are organized in the Hotel “Molika”, which offers two areas for that purpose-hall for meetings and club-hall, equipped with all technical appliances for continuous work of the meetings, presentations, etc.

seminari konf

Meeting-hall is placed on the forth level of the hotel and is one of the most attractive areas with the capacity of 50 guests, equipped with leather furniture and pleasant ambiance. Club-hall is an area for many purposes, with capacity of 60 seats and is located at the under roof of the hotel.

In the ground floor of the hotel there are the reception, aperitif-bar, living room, banquet-hall and restaurant.
Also, the hotel has a club for enjoyment (library, video, playing cards, chess, etc.), children part, as well as a room for skiing equipment.


Announcing of the guests is made on the reception during all the day, and you should have documents for personal identification (personal card or passport for foreign guests).
Reporting guest’s departure is till 12 o’clock.

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Payment for services is in cash or check.

The hotel works with all kinds of credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Master Card,
  • American Express,
  • Diners…