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Winter mountain tourism in Pelister

The fact that Hotel “Molika” is a mountain facility and the winter touristic season depends on weather conditions, that is near four months.

Special attention is put on the development of the winter tourism. The Pelister Mountain has wonderful skiing paths for slalom and giant slalom.
The mountain with its relief and climatic conditions is in the group of the most well-known skiing centers. Beneath the Hotel “Molika”, at the distance of 100 m, there is a cable railway and a ski path, so the lovers of the white sports have all the pleasures very near to the hotel. For that purpose, hotel “Molika” has a special area, aimed particularly for setting the skiing equipment and other winter equipment.

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The cable railway connects very near the hotel “Molika” with the mountain home “Kopanki”, that is located at the height of 1610 m. and has the capacity of 100 beds (mainly for mountain climbers), and up from this place it is connected with the part “Valley” with ski-lift.

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The ski-path “Kopanki” is located in the length of 1400 m. It’s start is in the1800 m height above the sea, and the end is on the 1400 m. The cable railway “Bey tap” – Kopanki is located in the length of 680 m. The start is at 1400 m, and the end station at 1610 m. There is a capacity of 450 persons /h in winter and 900 persons/h in summer.

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Ski-lift “Kopanki” has the length of 580 m. First station is at 1600 m, and the last station is at 1800 m. Capacity is 1000 persons/h. Ski-lift “Pioner” has the length of 230 m, and the path is 350 m.