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Rocky trail on Pelister

The rocky trail is marked educational trail, leading the visitors through very attractive scenery, rich in natural beauties.

Throughout the trail, the visitor can enjoy the dense Molika pine forests, witness rare and endemic floral species and specific relief forms, created by long and complicated natural processes. There are also fossil relicts dating from the glacial stage. Most of trail passes though a high mountain area offering breathtaking views on the surrounding landscape. The most captivating natural beauty along the trail might be the rocky area, spreading from the summit Pelister in the direction of the summit Stiv. This magnificent relief form is comprised of large number of stone blocks with different size and shape, spread across the whole length of this dominating slope.

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The creation of this stone blocks dates back to the time when the high mountain parts of Baba range were covered in ice. The rocky trail starts at the hotel Molika and ends at Golemo Ezero (Large Lake). The total length of the trail is around 14 km.

The first section of the trail leading towards the mountain lodge Kopanki (1636 m) is steep and might be more difficult, but it continuous to a rather flat terrain leading to the spring area of Magareshka River. The trail then again becomes steeper until the area known as Gorna Livada (Upper Meadow) is reached. This area is covered with grass and is surrounded with Molika pine trees. From here the trail gradually climbs towards the summit Pelister, passing the rocky area of the summits Stiv (2468 m) and Ilinden (2500 m). After the summit, the trail continuous through high mountain pastures areas, covered in grass, passes by Malo Ezero (Small Lake) and reaches its end point Golemo Ezero at 2225 meters.
The rocky trail is marked with signs and information boards ire placed along the trail. The trail has a view point and a covered hut. Your guide though this trail is the guide service of Pelister National Park.

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We wish you pleasant stay and enjoyment while you are visiting Pelister National Park.