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Restaurant of Hotel Molika

Hotel Molika has a restaurant with summer garden with capacity of 200 seats (where 160 seats are from the restaurant and the rest 40 from the terrace).

In the restaurant there is a well equipped professional kitchen, ready to fulfill technically and educationally the wishes and the needs of the guests. It offers the possibility to enjoy the first-class preparations for the food lovers of all kinds of specialties from national and international kitchen.

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In its work the hotel is adapting and completely implementing the marketing concept, searching the trade market in the country and abroad; the other Balkan countries market and bring closer their services, especially that of the restaurant to the world standards and ways expected by the modern tourists today.
Banquet-hall is placed at the ground floor of the hotel “Molika”. It is characterized with specific inside of massive wood and engraving. With the capacity of 16 seats, the banquet – hall is an ideal place for private festive lunches.