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National park Pelister

The mountain Pelister is a part of the mountain Baba, in southwest Macedonia.

It is proclaimed as a National park in 1948, because of the rare national wealth’s in it: Molika forests- relict from tercier flora, granite stones and their morphologic relief, especially glacial relief in the alpic part of the mountain.

Molika is five-needled pine tree that can be found in a few parts on Balkan Peninsula. You can find endemic flowers in Pelister. The beauty of the area is completed with wild animals: bears, wolfs, capricorns, stags, wild pigs, rabbits, a few kinds of eagles, deer’s, partridges, red beak jackdaws and endemic Macedonian pelagony trout.

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A special beauty of the park is given by mountain lakes: the Big one (on the 2218m height) and the Small one (on the height of 2280m). High on the sky there are sheer peaks Pelister (2601 m), Veternica (2420 m), Muza (2351 m), Rzana (2334 m) and Griva (2198 m).

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The National park is characterized with many natural phenomena, with unusual structural features, specific geologic constructions, unusual mountain vegetation, convenient hydrographic conditions, as well as specific climatic conditions that contribute for the completeness of the national wealth. The park is placed in the surface of 1500 ha, on the height above the sea level of 700 to 2601 m.

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Especially interesting for the tourists is the touristic – recreative zone, whose spaces belong to the second category of natural values with specific natural characteristics and beauties that can be used for holidays and recreation. Here belong the zone ” Big Valley ” and zone “Low Field”.

The biggest ornaments of the park are the two lakes, so called Pelister’ s eyes: Big lake and Small lake, that make Pelister more grandiose and attractive.