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Location of Hotel Molika

The Hotel “Molika” is located in the southwest part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is placed in the area of the National park “Pelister”, in the locality “Bey tap”, on the height above the sea level of 1420 m, placed in the luxury of the beautiful molika forest.

The location of the Hotel itself on the northwest part of the National park, provides a view on the Pelagonia valley, the town Bitola and it’s surrounding, that takes Your breath away. This part of the park is one of the most interesting and most exciting localities, specific with his wealth of the rare kinds of flora and fauna.

The connection with a Hotel is with modern asphalt road, with the length of 15 km to Bitola, and international road between Bitola and Ohrid, while the distance from the Ohrid’ s airport is 70 km, and from Skopje’ s airport is 180 km. This distance is insignificant for lovers of the health ecological area, clean air, peace and quietness far from urban settlements.
The priority of the Hotel Molika is his location that is near Bitola, town which is commercial, administrative and educational center in the southwest part of Macedonia, well-known with his historical and cultural tradition, wealthy with many cultural and historical monuments that present the past period, as well as the rare town architecture, recognized on these Balkan areas.