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Accommodation capacity of Hotel Molika

The connection between wood and marble, realization of the designer’s project, provides every visitor of the hotel to fell the warm and the soul of an object in all his parts.

The hotel has 54 rooms (one, two and three bedrooms) and 3 apartments, separated on 4 levels with a view on the horizon on the east side and with a view on the mountain on the southwest side, where during all day they are lightened with the mild mountain sun in all weather seasons.
All rooms are equipped with phones, TV with satellite program, mini-bar, toilets and central heating. Many rooms have comfort terraces (balconies), where staying means a real challenge for catching a wonderful view. The capacity of the Hotel of 112 beds divided into one, two and three bedrooms is fulfilled with 30 other beds and three sitting places, that give an impression of home ambient.

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Representative areas, apartments, are placed in the second and forth level of the facility, with a view on the autochthonous Molica forest. Settling in the hotel rooms is provided with modern elevator and hotel stairs placed in circles connected with every level of the hotel.